My name is Gloria Nampija. I’m a second-year student at Gulu University, pursuing a degree in Biosystems Engineering. I am also a beneficiary of the MasterCard Foundation scholarship programme under RUFORUM.

When institutions of learning were shut down in March because of COVID-19, I decided to return to my ancestral home in the Eastern Uganda District of Kaberamaido where I started venturing into agriculture to keep busy. But farming has always been a lifelong passion. Coupled with the mentorship I’ve benefited from RUFORUM, I believed this was my opportunity to make that life-long dream a reality. I also opted to grow pineapples because they are easy to manage while on the farm, and the financial returns are encouraging.

Nampija Weeding pineapples

All a person requires for this kind of enterprise are pineapple suckers and land. The land I farm on was given by my parents.

Because of the limited amount of land that I had to carry out this project, I decided to intercrop the pineapples with 140 banana plants. Apart from increased income, the other advantage of intercropping the two crops is that the bananas also provide shade to the pineapples

I hope to harvest about 200 pineapples from the one acre of land I have utilized, which will go towards supporting me and my family. I have also ventured into tree planting, and I believe I will reap the benefits in the long run. Trees are also crucial for conserving the environment, which is an added benefit to the community.

In all this, the MasterCard/RUFORUM support has helped to horn my entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

By Gloria Nampija

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