Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Bharati. K. Patel, who started FORUM which transformed into RUFORUM in 2004

Dr. Bharati K. Patel since she was a child strived to break boundaries. At that time, she was the first “colored” woman to attend primary and high school, which was privlidged for white males in Rhodesia.
Then from there being the first Rotary Fellow from West Africa and the first Rotary-sponsored student at Hawaii University in the late 60s, obtaining a Double Masters plus PhD, to her work at the Rockefeller
Foundation and ICRISAT, to her co-authoring The Green Book, A Guide to Effective Graduate Research in African Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Development, RUFORUM’s Mother of Africa award for her
belief in students as the Change Agents warranting the need to work with and Invest in Young people towards Rural Transformation in Africa, countless other publications in scientific agricultural journals….never relied on anyone else but herself. Never married, never compromised, just achieved and gave back

It is with this sad news that Dr Bharati Karsondas Patel passed away in August 2020, for more information about her contribution to higher education in Africa. Attached RUFORUM compilation of tributes.

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