“Keep them in school”. I am supporting two children in their primary education

There are three main directions influencing how tasks are accomplished, these are technological trends, social trends and techno-social trends. These three trends are constituting confrontations from environmental to demographic and digitization. In order to breakthrough now and in times to come, young and aspiring entrepreneur need to strengthen their existing interpersonal attributes and grow new ones.

Becoming an entrepreneur and a job creator has been my dream from childhood, now and tomorrow until I achieve that dream. In the quest to achieve this dream, there is a need to acquire skills set, the aptitude of management, and the adroitness. Therefore, I applied to the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Young African Entrepreneur program which is based on championing youth entrepreneurship across Africa and giving them the technical and financial know-how to start and operate and sustain enterprises. I was successful among the thousands that applied but due to the pandemic, the normal orientation and mentorship could not happen as planned. They opted for online mentorship classes and session among them are; Time 100 Talks where we have had Tony Elumelu, Bill Gates, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, and other 80 world famous entrepreneur, businessmen and well to do people inspire young African youth with their stories and how they rise to stardom, the (TEF) also organized a six sessions masterclass called The TEFMasterclass in collaboration with Project Management Institute (PMI) and they have presented trainings that cut across bringing ideas into realities and sustaining an enterprise etc. the training is still ongoing.

I also applied for the millennium fellowship which is organized by the United Nations Academic Impact and the Millennium Campus Network and I was accepted. The Fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program on various campuses across the world to take social impact to the next level. It will last from the 1st of September 2020 to the 30th of November 2020. The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is an initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in supporting and contributing to the realization of United Nations goals and mandates, including the promotion and protection of human rights, access to education, sustainability and conflict resolution etc. Through this fellowship, individual students from various campuses are encouraged to work on one or two of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and I am working on SDG4 Quality Education.

I have come up with a project that I named “Keep them in school”. This is a project aimed at supporting primary school children who are willing to go to school but cannot afford the basic requirements to stay in school. This project came as a result of the three core values of the Millennium fellowship which are; empathy, humility and inclusion. As a young man who has been given the opportunity to study by The MasterCard Foundation through RUFORUM, I feel obligated to do same as much as I can to other children who need help as well (Empathy and inclusion). On implementing this, I have been supporting two children in their primary education, providing all their school requirements and I am planning to extend the support to as many as possible if I have the financial, moral, and collaborative assistance.

“Keep them in School”. Joshua with the two children whose education he is supporting

Concerning sustainability, I am putting human and financial resources together to support the families of the children in order for them to keep the children in school. I was inspired by well-known Nigerian tailor Yomi Casual who has really taken Nigerian fashion to another level and when the lock down was eased, I enrolled in a tailoring school to add more to my vocational skills. Adventuring into the world of sewing is fun, creative and educational. Sewing is a lifetime skill. In my primary school, I remember making a duster from rags after a home economy class and I was proud then.

Joshua sewing

Sewing is an art and science; where you learn how to sketch a design from your imagination, do the measurement on a person, cut the fabric according to the measurement and sew it together to fit the person. I have so far been learning for six weeks now and I can make shirts of different designs especially the Nigerian designs because it is highly demanded. Through the skills I have gotten from the training I have attended, I have been able to collaborate with the outlet where I am receiving my training from; I will get customers for them and I will receive commission from every customer I bring. I opted for this because right now I cannot start on my own. My measuring tape is always in my bag. I am planning to start bring in Nigerian fabrics to Uganda because there are on high demand and in the nearest future, have my own brand and training center in the future to train and employ youth in order to fulfill my job creation dreams.

Working towards fulfilling his dream

I appreciate the MasterCard Foundation and RUFORUM for giving me the opportunity and support and enabling me to showcase my skills and fulfill my dreams. All the support I am giving to others is as a result of the monthly upkeep I receive from MCF@RUFORUM.

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