Way back in 2017 when all hope was gone, when it felt like it was the end of my academic life, I received what I call the call of redemption and new hope. It was at that time that I believed I still had a chance to make it in life and since then, my life has never been the same again.I take this opportunity to share my life changing story from almost zero to where I am today. Apart from the fact that am pursuing a Bachelors degree, there has been a lot of progress within my family as a whole. Back then before joining the scholarship, we used to stay in a house made of reeds and mud which was even located in a slum. Through the support I have been getting in form of the monthly stipend, we have managed to purchase a new piece of land (50*100 ft) in Kakiri-Wakiso district and our new home is in its later stages of construction. Coming from a family of seven, we all had to fit in one room which was the kitchen, living room as well as a bedroom. Am glad to report that our new home has four bedrooms, a sitting room and a dining room which is far from our former one room house. It feels awesome to know that at last I and my family will have a decent home that we never thought we would get any earlier.

I have also managed to pay school fees for my little sister in a boarding school. Growing up in a slum, many young girls don’t make it to secondary school due to various reasons, the greatest of them all being, early pregnancy. In order to safeguard my little sister from such foreseen circumstances, I enrolled her in a boarding school where I pay her full school fees and other school requirements. I also contribute towards my other siblings’ school requirements and  I am glad to report that ever since I joined the scholarship, none of my siblings has been sent back home due to failure to pay school fees or compulsory school requirements.  This is because in times when mother’s business is not doing well in terms of returns, I always step in and help financially from my monthly stipend. Through helping out each other, all my siblings are in school.

Before joining the scholarship, we rarely managed to afford two complete meals a day and we always had one meal a day going without food on particular days when times were so bad. I am glad that my family can now afford two meals a day exclusive of breakfast. Given that my mother’s business has seasonal market, in times when she has made no sales, I always have the ability to help and buy food at home. Throughout the all COVID-19 period especially during the early months when almost businesses were closed by the government and mom was not working, using the monthly stipend that I have been getting, I managed to feed my family for four months straight and we never went without food on any day. This is way different from the times when we had nothing to eat and we could not be in position to sustain ourselves.

I have as well managed to enroll my brother at a garage to learn car mechanics to enhance his skills. By doing this, I have managed to keep my brother from bad peer influence since he spends most of the time at the garage. Am glad to report that he has gained a skill that I believe he will never lack a job and  I am glad that he has utilized this school lockdown period positively to enhance his ability in mechanics.

I am so grateful to MCF@RUFORUM for the opportunity offered to me to be able to impact my family and myself in a positive way. I would have never been able to do all this without your continuous and generous support. Am forever grateful and I will continue on the path of transforming not only my family and self but the community as well.

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