My name is Achieng Sarah from Nwoya district the northern part of Uganda. I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in Agriculture Enterprises development at Gulu University. If there be a shift indelible and worth marking in my life, then the Mastercard foundation Scholarship which I received through RUFORUM is among the top three. It is one thing to grow up hearing and listening to inspiring speakers but then, it is on a special note a treasured thing when God gives one an opportunity to live in purpose and self-realization.

A famous neuron surgeon Doctor Ben Carson in his biographical story ‘Gifted hands’ once said that;

success is when an individual is given an opportunity or platform to positively impart and impact the lives of others.

In my opinion, it gets to better success when I add that successive success wears the crown, because the chain needs to move from one generation or person to another without being broken. On that note, with great honor let me share my experience as a MasterCard Scholar as follows;

Beginning with exposure to agriculture enterprises development, Mastercard has taught me how to save and invest finances for improving my livelihood and community at large. This was ignited in my heart after the two weeks’ ARC Egerton University Orientation for the scholarship awardees. It did not only expose me to a decent way of living but also taught me how to access such a life as that responsibly.  Apparently, my latest development heart beat is to retire my mother, a school cook into agriculture and it is exciting news that her and I have managed to acquire land for agriculture with part of our savings. I intend to use my acquired university value chain and innovation skills with marketing to set the ball rolling.

Ready for school

Ready for School

More to my experience as Mastercard Scholar, I have not only realized but also begun to experience the things that I dreamt and thought of many years ago. I mean to say that I was raised and brought up by a single struggling mother. Of course, with a thankful heart, it is important to recognize an NGO called Meeting point International affiliated to AVSI for immensely contributing toward my education and restoring hope with esteem to mother and family. Without getting into details of that, it is clear that I have been brought this far by not only family but also community. On that note I found and embraced it thoughtful to begin saying thank you to community with the Mastercard scholarship;

With things beginning one step at a time, last year I adopted an eight-year-old child that had never been to school in her life and begun catering for her education and basic needs.My deepest desire is to see her grow up into the person that am and yet to be. I based my choice on the fact that her peers had been making fun of her coming from a family where nothing good can come out of. It is my prayer that the very people that mock and make fun of her will one day be blessed and transformed by what is about to happen in her new life. I already feel a sense of responsibility for her bright future. With gratitude, if this door has opened because of the fully funded Mastercard Scholarship, then how much more when I work hard and smart with the Grace of God that teaches us to profit? I strongly believe that I can expand my domaine to make the world a better place for the rest out there that are groaning for the hope that I accessed.

Second visit

Checking on the progress of the girl that I adopted

In conclusion, it is just a difference of fourteen months ago when I was a laughing stalk for originating from a family that never amounts to anything good but guess what, boom! I got the Mastercard scholarship. It was done to me but above all, it is instead a seed that was planted in me, hence I strongly believe that my territory will expand to touch lives across the four corners of the earth. It starts with me, my community then I swim in self-realization from Los Angeles to Sydney.

Supervision for research proposal

Research Proposal Consultation

Am forever grateful for the MasterCard Scholarship and for the continued support and guidance from RUFORUM.

For More Information about RUFORUM Contact;
Maureen Agena
Communications and Advocacy
Tel: +256-417-713-300 (Office)
Direct Line: +256-417-713-326


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