Call for Social Media Rapporteurs for RUFORUM Annual General Meeting 2019 University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Deadline for Application: 30 October, 2019

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is organising its 15th Annual General meeting at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana from 2-6 December 2019. RUFORUM is a network of 114 Universities in 38 Countries in Africa. The RUFORUM Network is mandated to strengthen the quality and relevance of postgraduate training and research in African universities especially in agriculture, science, technology, and innovation—through activities designed to improve the capacity of African universities and research centres to generate knowledge relevant to Africa’s development challenges.  The AGM is one of the key activities under Knowledge Hub programmatic pillar of the RUFORUM Vision 2030 strategy, which is also meant to be a vehicle for facilitating universities, stakeholders and key partners to synthesize emerging lessons and best practices, and to document and disseminate information, knowledge and innovations. The theme for this 15th AGM is Delivering on Africa’s Universities Agenda for Higher Agricultural Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (AHESTI): What will it take?”. As a way of reaching out to a bigger audience beyond those who will physically attend the conference, RUFORUM would like to engage student on a voluntary basis to share information about the conference in real time through Social media. See Link for application.

Roles of Volunteer Social Media Rapporteurs will;

  • Work online to share information and create a buzz about the AGM through tweets, retweets, likes and shares on face book posts, share videos, and pictures.
  • Write blog articles and re-post information related to the 15th RUFORUM AGM. These volunteers will work online from 1st December 2019 to 7th December 2019.
  • Be guided on what to tweet through a schedule of tweets and Facebook posts that will be shared with them
  • Be physically present. A total of 60 On-Site Volunteer Social Media Rapporteur will also be selected to support the online campaign and also participate in “onsite social media reporting”. Physical presence during the events is thus a requirement for onsite Volunteer Social Media Rapporteur. Hence these Volunteer Social Media Rapporteurs must be students at the University of Cape Coast and residents within Campus to be able to attend each event they are assigned to.
  • Use the hash tag #AGMGhana2019 will be used to tag all posts to enable aggregation and tracking of traffic the 15th AGM.
  • Tweet or like posts and will be encouraged to promote UCC and Ghana as well.
  • Be expected to follow RUFORUM social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blog, Flick).
  • Have Team leaders selected to assist and channel the efforts of their team members in order to reach their goals.


  • Selected Rapporteurs will be trained about Social Media and effective Reporting
  • They will be given a certificate of participation signed by the RUFORUM Executive Secretary upon completion of all assigned tasks.
  • Applicants will have a real experience to include in their resume
  • Applicants will be associated with RUFORUM and be included in the Mailing list for future related opportunities to support applicant’s career growth

Eligibility Criteria

For onsite reporting

  • Must be a student of Cape Coast University, Main Campus
  • Aged 18-35 years
  • Be involved in Agriculture related field, Knowledge Management, Mass communication, ICT and related fields
  • Experience in using social media – at least twitter and face book
  • Interested social media and visits these sites regularly
  • Bears a smart phone or laptop and access to internet
  • Good reputation in social media communities
  • Understands the importance of hashtags and content aggregation
  • Appreciates the importance of Higher Education for Africa’s development
  • Be available to attend the social media training and the AGM week

For Remote Rapporteurs

There is no restriction on age and country of online Rapporteurs. Being part of the team will provide networking opportunities

How to Apply

Interested applicants must submit their applications online via given this Link

by 30th October, 2019.



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