Prof. Adipala Ekwamu awarded Honorary Doctorate by University of Gezira

Prof Adipala Ekwamu, RUFORUM Executive Secretary

In a meeting held on Sunday 23rd June 2019, the Senate of University of Gezira (Sudan), awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Prof. Adipala Ekwamu, Executive Secretary of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). Prof Adipala was recognised for his outstanding scientific achievements as a university professor, his strong belief in Africa driving its agenda and in higher education being key to the development in Africa. The University Senate also appreciated Prof. Adipala’s leadership to the RUFORUM Network and his continuous and unlimited support to the member universities in general and to Sudanese universities in particular.

Among his many career achievements, Prof Adipala has overseen the growth of RUFORUM, an Africa owned and driven network grow from 10 member universities in five African countries in 2004, to 114 universities in 38 countries across Africa at present. He has also mobilised over US$ 600 million n dollars to support research and innovation, scholarships and higher education reform in Africa, enabled training of 2, 525 graduates in Africa (master’s and PhD), and published over 200 research and policy publications.

On receiving the news of the award, Prof. Adipala expressed his humility at the gesture by the University of Gezira, “I am deeply humbled by this award and receiving it from an African university makes it all the more meaningful.” He dedicated the award to all universities in Africa that are working to make a difference on the continent and achieve “the Africa we want” as stipulated in Agenda 2063. He further urged other stakeholders in Africa’s higher education, particularly the youth, to join in this mission saying;

“For now, my honour is to steer the ship, but I invite more sailors, especially young sailors to get on board and make sure the ship stays on course.

The University of Gezira has been a member of RUFORUM since 2009. It was one of the first two universities from Sudan to join the Network and has been instrumental in expanding the Network to the rest of the country and developing partnerships in North Africa and the Middle East Region. Together with the University of Kordofan, the two universities hosted the RUFORUM Principals and Deans Meeting in Khartoum in 2015.

Congratulations to Prof. Adipala Ekwamu.


Read more about University of Gezira here

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