Mr. Melas Cayrol Adoko

My name is Melas Cayrol Adoko. I am a Beninese by nationality and currently pursuing a masters’ degree in Food Security and Community Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Gulu University, Uganda.  My study at Gulu University is being sponsored by the Nurturing grant project which is funded by the Mastercard foundation.

At the end of my first year, I was selected by the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment (FAE) to teach undergraduate students as a graduate assistant.  Currently, I am lecturing a course in post-harvest biology to the students of Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness (BFA), year II. The course provides the students with knowledge and skills for understanding internal and external factors determining post-harvest quality of agricultural produce.

In addition, because I know both French and English, I have been recruited by the University as a part-time business French lecturer in the department of public administration, Faculty of Business and Development studies of Gulu University.  This course focuses on equipping students with basic skills in business French, with a greater focus on enabling them to hold short conversations in basic French, receiving and serving clients using everyday expressions and structures in French, as well as acquiring the four basic language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking at an elementary level.

To me, teaching a foreign language (French) to Anglophone students is a unique experience and opportunity that the Nurturing grant program has afforded me. I am delighted to be involved in University lecturing because it has enabled me to improve on my presentation and explanation skills. On the other hand, I have been receiving encouraging feedbacks from students who testify that I am impacting their lives in one way or another.

 This experience and mentorship has enabled me to decide on my career path which is to continue teaching both food science related courses and applied French and pursue a PhD degree upon completion of my master’s program.

I am grateful to Gulu University, RUFORUM and the Nurturing grant project for giving me the chance to pursue my master degree at Gulu University.

About Melas Cayrol Adoko

He is abeneficiary of the MCF@RUFORUM Scholarship and was among the first cohort pursuing Masters’ degree in Food Security and Community Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Gulu University

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