Job Opportunity: Technical Specialist, Graduate Training (RANCH – Regional Anchor Universities for Higher Agricultural Education).

We are retained by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) to identify a competent individual to fill the post of Technical Specialist, Graduate Training (RANCH – Regional Anchor Universities for Higher Agricultural Education). The position is based in the RUFORUM Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda. RANCH is a RUFORUM flagship established to facilitate and escalate setting up a network of linked universities as African Centres of Excellence and Academic Leadership in Higher Agricultural Education and Learning.

The main objectives of RANCH are: to promote regional specialisation and collective action among universities for areas which address specific common regional challenges; strengthen capacities of universities to deliver high quality training and  applied research addressing pressing demands for development; develop and encourage exchange of experience and know-how among the universities in areas of education,  training and innovations; and to provide strategic leadership in transforming teaching, research and outreach for rural transformation

RUFORUM operation is guided by its Vision 2030 Strategy (The African Universities’ Agenda for Agricultural Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation – AHESTI), which is being implemented through four Flagship Programmes. Visit RUFORUM website. Prospective applicants are advised to review the RUFORUM Vision 2030 Strategy and the Five Year Operational Plan (2018-2022). The job roles and requirements of the posts are detailed below

Technical Specialist, RANCH

Job Role

Reporting to the Manager, Training & Community Development, TS RANCH is expected to perform the following roles:

  • Support identification and development of regional Anchor universities
  • In liaison with Anchor universities, plan and develop programs for graduate training, supporting institutional transformation and for engaging with other actors to support agricultural transformation at national and regional level
  • Develop strategies for supporting Anchor universities recruit graduate students nationally and regionally
  • Develop strategies and initiatives for establishment of standards for curricula development in agricultural training, research and learning for making agriculture attractive as a vocation
  • Design and implement capacity building strategy
  • Develop proposals for resource mobilization for training activities
  • Develop and implement specialized skills enhancement training modules (e.g. leadership, management, agri-business, entrepreneurship).
  • Advocate and mobilize support for anchor universities to strengthen their capacity for training, research, learning and delivery of outreach agricultural services.
  • Liaise with the RUFORUM Research Measurement and Learning Unit to evaluate the outcomes and impact of the graduate training and industrial development and household livelihoods

Lead and support strengthening of processes that link member universities and other related stakeholders to farmers between the universities, industry and other recipients of their products.

For more details about the job requirements and deadline, please download here RUFORUM. Advert Recruit of Techn Specialist Regional Anchor Univ for Higher Agric Education

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