Job Opportunity: Manager, Program Results Measurement & Learning (PRML) at RUFORUM Secretariat

We are retained by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) to identify a competent individual to fill the post of Manager, Program Results Measurement & Learning (PRML). The position is based in the RUFORUM Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda.

RUFORUM operation is guided by its Vision 2030 Strategy (The African Universities’ Agenda for Agricultural Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation – AHESTI), which is being implemented through four Flagship Programmes. Visit RUFORUM website. Prospective applicants are advised to review the RUFORUM Vision 2030 Strategy and the Five Year Operational Plan (20182022). The job roles and requirements of the posts are detailed below

Manager, Program Results Measurement & Learning (PRML

Job Role
Reporting to the Deputy Executive Secretary, Resource Mobilization and Management, the Manager PRML is expected to perform the following roles:

  1. Lead the design, implementation or review of a results-based monitoring and evaluation system including the framework, tools and instruments and that can facilitate measurement of outcomes and impact.

2. Coordinate compiling of information on program/project implementation practices and experiences and that can be used for learning.

3. Coordinate and support the development of strategic and operational plans for the Secretariat and RUFORUM.

4. Organize and conduct regular program/project reviews and evaluation of different operational levels of RUFORUM.

5. Coordinate the provision of technical support and guidance to other units, Member Universities and networks for development of a coherent monitoring and evaluation system, reporting formats and consistent reporting and application of the M&E tools and instruments.

6. Coordinate the consolidation of unit or individual work plans and budgets.

7. Ensure that M&E frameworks and indicators incorporate, and are sensitive to, issues of gender equality, environmental sustainability and other emerging cross cutting issues such as climate change adaptation.

8. Manage the dissemination of information that is generated from planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning that is responsive to the information needs of the Secretariat, Member Universities and RUFORUM stakeholders.

For more details of the Job requirements and deadline of application, please download here RUFORUM Advert for Recruitment of Manager (PRML)

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