Call for Expression of Interest to Participate: Proposal Development Write-shop

Proposal Development Write-shop for Submissions to the African Union Research Grants Open Call for Proposals – 2018

Call for Expression of Interest to Participate

Deadline: 30th March 2018 23:59 GMT (East African Standard Time)

Open to: Researchers from the 85 member universities of RUFORUM or researchers from research institutions in the 35 African countries where RUFORUM operates. See for details on countries where RUFORUM operates and the RUFORUM member universities.


Deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in all sectors of Africa’s development is key in the current error of knowledge based economies. Recognizing the role of STI, the African Union Commission (AUC) and continental partners developed the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA 2024) to accelerate Africa’s transition to an innovation led, knowledge based economy. Through the STISA 2024, the AUC identified six (6) priority areas as key in accelerating Africa’s economic growth transform, the first being “eradicating hunger and achieving food security. To support operationalization of its aspirations identified in STISA 2024, AUC received financial support from the European Commission through the Financing Agreement DCI-PANAF/2015/307-078 under the Pan-African Programme (PanAf) to implement the African Union Research Grants.  The first Call for proposals was concluded in August 2016 and the second Call was launched on 23rd February 2018 with the submission deadline of 22nd May 2018.

The 2018 African Union Research Grants Programme aims at harnessing scientific excellence and innovation of African scientists to deploy STI in transforming the African agricultural sector. This will be achieved through creation and funding partnerships (research networks) for regional and sub-regional co-operation, and of inter-institutional co-operation in Africa to develop innovative projects that will result in enhanced Food, Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture and reduce, hunger and improve well-being. Partnerships implementing the following activities will be funded; i) Research on improved food value chains that deliver and make accessible more nutritionally rich food to consumers with minimal loss of nutritional value, little wastage and a high level of safety; ii) Research to improve the nutritional value of crops and animal products, through advances in breeding and biotechnological innovation such as bio-fortification (improved mineral and vitamin levels in various highly productive crop lines); iii) Research on sustainable and innovative technologies used for food processing, packaging and storage, post-harvest handling, and technologies that add values to agricultural produce and their accessibility.

The proposal development Write-shop

To support development of quality proposals for submission to the African Union Research Grants, The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM)  has organised a proposal development Write-shop with the objective of mobilising and supporting researchers from African universities and research institutions from countries where it operates in, to develop and submit quality proposals. The Write-shop will specifically; i) Provide a place for scientists to physically come together to develop their proposals; ii) Provide a conducive environment for scientists to concentrate and finalise their proposals; iii) Provide technical guidance and quality control to develop and submit wining proposals.

The expected deliverables of the Write-shop are;

  1. Eligible partnerships established for each of the teams participating
  2. Quality concept notes developed by end of the Write-shop
  3. Draft proposals peer reviewed

After the Write-shop, the participants will be supported by the RUFORUM Secretariat through peer review of the proposals, budget review, sourcing of administrative documentation and proposal submission as per the guidelines.


The Write-shop is open to agricultural and related sciences researchers from the 85 member universities of the RUFORUM Network and researchers from agricultural research institutes from the 35 countries where RUFORUM operates in, and other partner institutions. Please check for details about the countries where RUFORUM operates in and the member universities.


The Write-shop is organised on a cost-sharing basis. The RUFORUM Secretariat will cover costs related to facilitation, facilitation materials, training venue, morning and evening teas, and lunches. The participants are expected to cover the cost of their travel (air tickets, ground travel at home country and in Uganda), accommodation, dinners and any other incidentals for participation in the Write-shop. There are no fees charged for participating in the write shop. The cost of accommodation is US$ 92 per night (bed & breakfast) and dinners costs US$ 18. Airport pick-up and drop is US$15 per trip.

Write-shop dates and venue

The Write-shop will take place from 16th to 20th April 2018 at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda Arrival will be on 15th and departure on 21st April 2018.


All interested participants should send confirmation to participate in the Write-shop to Emmanuel Okalany ( by 30th March 2018 to allow effective logistical preparations.

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