New Publication: Bringing Science to Communities, Voices from the Field

Voices from the FieldRUFORUM – is happy to launch this new publication series, Bringing Science to Communities: Voices from the Field. This popular science communication product is intended to showcase the on-the-ground impact of research and scientific work of RUFORUM – sponsored graduates and their mentors and others they interact with. African universities are increasingly embracing experiential learning as a key strategy for addressing gaps in higher education and training. Experiential learning addresses the challenge of producing proactive graduates with adequate skills to serve relevant stakeholders, including agricultural practitioners and communities working at grassroots level.

This publication series addresses concerns that university research findings are for the most part written in a language not easily understood by end users; the series will showcase, in popular and accessible language, examples of where RUFORUM alumni and other beneficiaries are using science and innovation to solve real problems faced by communities. This product is timely because stakeholders, eager to see more accountability for each dime invested, are asking critical questions about the impact of investments made in higher education and in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). It is, therefore, anticipated that Bringing Science to Communities: Voices from the Field will serve as a gateway for university research findings into the mainstream uptake pathways and industry for enhanced adoption, thus demonstrating the role of universities in deploying STI to transform Africa into a knowledge-based economy.

This inaugural issue features the research of 13 RUFORUM alumni whose work has had a direct, positive impact on particular communities or industries. The topics covered range from fighting chronic malnutrition using indigenous and alternative foods such as insects, to deploying innovative technologies to reduce post-harvest losses in the horticultural sector. Other topics have implications for health as well as economic
and environmental stability and food security. Above all, this publication highlights the role of science and its application in simple ways to solve bigger problems. The stories and photographs highlight a variety of ways in which science and science innovation are proving key to solving hitherto-insurmountable problems in Africa. Click here to download the Publication.

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