Call for Expression of Interest to Participate – AFRI-Lead Programme

African Universities Leadership and Management Training Programme (AFRI-Lead)

Deadline: September 30th 2017 23:59 GMT (East African Standard Time)

Open to: 66 RUFORUM member universities[1] managers: Deputy Vice Chancellors, Academic Registrars and Directors of Institutes.


Universities have immense responsibility and contribution to economic and social transformation of societies globally. African universities have in the recent past been called upon to play a more significant role in Africa’s transformation agenda. Realising this call for a more active and engaged universities requires that university leaders and managers have new skills  as thought leaders to drive smart specialisation and support critical interaction between policy makers, business, education and research as well as adopt more strategic approaches to innovation. African universities have potential to grow Africa’s future and immensely contribute to social as well as economic transformation. Accordingly, African universities individually or through network organisations such as the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM: ) are engaged in contributing to national and regional development within an innovation ecosystem that appreciates the centrality of key positions universities occupy as anchor institutions in the development process and recognize the power of genuine engagement and partnership in delivering transformation at various levels. The aim of African universities leadership and management training programme (AFRI-Lead) is to strengthen internal and regional capacities of university managers to undertake relevant and effective transformation in African universities.  AFRI-Lead further believes that that the training opportunity will enhance thought leadership capacity within African Universities and thus facilitate their growth to become power houses of proactive graduates, innovations and research which can transform Africa to a knowledge based economy driven by science, technology and innovations.


AFRI-Lead has been developed with training capacity for a maximum of 44 participants targeting Deputy Vice Chancellors, Academic Registrars and Directors of Institutes. The applicants to AFRI-Lead shall thus be coming from a RUFORUM member university and be in any one of the positions specified above. Places are available for only one per University. A follow up training for University Vice Chancellors is planned for 2018 in Kenya.


AFRI-Lead is a cost-sharing training programme. RUFORUM and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shall cover the costs of training fees, accommodation (full board), and learning materials. The applicant and/or the sending university is required to cover the cost of a return ticket and any other incidentals as per participant entitlement by their respective institutional policy. There are no application fees levied to apply for AFRI-Lead.


All applicants should be nominated by their respective Vice Chancellors/Rectors/University Presidents. Letters of nomination should include the full name, position and contact details (telephone number and email) of the nominee and be sent to Mr. Emmanuel Okalany ( with copy to Prof Adipala Ekwamu ( by 8th September 2018 

Each university is entitled to only one nomination.

Training Dates and Venue

AFRI-Lead is scheduled for October 29th-01 November, 2017 at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC), Lilongwe Malawi.  Participants to arrive 28th October and depart 02 November 2017.



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