Open Call For Proposals: Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA)


Proposals will be accepted throughout 2017

The Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA) is a competitive grants program designed as graduate student internship to link thesis research findings and recommendations to application and use at community level. The FAPA grants are intended to provide opportunity for dissemination of research outputs with a view to inform policy development and hone students’ skills in working with communities to use the research outputs that have been generated.

The FAPA is exclusively targeting RUFORUM supported MSc students who are in the process of finalising (completed MSc thesis and submitted for examination) their MSc level training.

The Field Attachment Awards (FAPA) are designed to encourage students to follow through with the dissemination of their research and to enable them to link more closely with the agencies working in the area where their research was carried out. It is established for those students who have developed a useful intervention, product or service as part of their Project and who have handed in their thesis, have no more stipend due from the GRG or CARP, but who could make a more meaningful impact if they stay on for a few more months and provide advisory services related to their research. Each applicant is expected to provide a short motivation that outlines what they will be doing, how it will contribute to the communities, and also to the graduate’s own development.

The FAPA is designed to give students real world experience and contacts with development and advisory agencies. All applications will be required to have a supporting letter from their Supervisor and from the Dean of Faculty, and applications will be strengthened if they also have a commitment letter from the community and or/ a government agency, NGO, or a private company that they will be hosting the student for their FAPA activities.

The award provides only for a living stipend and limited travel for three to four months. It is designed to link the student closely with a service provider in the area and to give them work experience.

Application Procedure

All FAPA applications are received on-line using the RUFORUM Information Management System (RIMS). Please click here to create an account in RIMS or to login if you have an existing account. Please select the correct CALL ID: RU FAPA 2017. Before you go on-line to apply, please make sure you have read the guidelines for application below.


The RUFORUM Online Grants Submission system is now available for use online. Kindly see the guidelines for access the system below

  • Go to this online link on the RUFORUM Information Management System (RIMS): and create a new account or log in with your existing account.
  • If the system tells you that your account already exists then choose to reset your password and follow the instructions
  • Log in with your email address and chosen password
  • You will be taken to a view where you will see a link called “Apply for a Grant” Click on this link and begin the application process
  • You can begin the application process, save and return to it at a later date / time.
  • As you work online please remember to save your work. You will also be reminded to save if you take time without saving your work.
  • You need to download the following templates from the online system. You can fill them in and re-attach them when they are ready:
    1. Application Form_FAPA.docx
    2. Budget Template_FAPA.xls
    3. Project Timeline_FAPA.docx
  • The first part requires you to enter your profile / personal information
  • The second part requires you to capture Project Information; Research Focus; Collaborator Information; Attach Letter from your university; Attach your project budget, Attach your project timeline; Attach your main application form
  • Please note that the letter of support from your university must be written by Head of Department and/ or Faculty/College. This letter must certify the following:
    1. You the applicant is a postgraduate student attached to the named Department/College;
    2. You the applicant have finalized (or is in the process) your coursework and thesis research/write-up and have submitted (or about to submit) for external examination (Applicants are advised to provide evidence)
    3. That the Head of Department and/ or Faculty/College has read this application in its entirety
  • There is no need to attach the Support Letters from the collaborating institutions.
  • Please remember to download the full Competitive Grants Manual to guide you as you prepare your proposal. It is found here:
  • You can also download the FAPA call from the online system
  • If you face problems with the online application system please email the Grants Unit on and

Click here to download the call.

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