Updates: Young African Entrepreneurs Competition Round one Evaluation outcome


The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is grateful to all Young African Entrepreneurs who participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2016. A total of 756 applications from 38 African countries were received. RUFORUM is glad announce the outcome of round one evaluation process as follows:

  1. A total of 663 applications which passed the compliance screening were evaluated by a team of experts.
  2. Each application was evaluated by three independent experts, leading to 1989 independent evaluations conducted during Round one.
  3. A pass mark of 77.1% was the cut off for the selection of 20.9% (139 applications) to be evaluated in Round two (see full list below). This implies that most of the entries were highly competitive.
  4. Round two evaluation has commenced and the outcome will be announced by 25th September, 2016. This announcement will communicate the 10 selected applicants to participate in the 5th Africa Higher Education week and the RUFORUM Biennial (17th – 21st October 2016) in Cape Town, South Africa.
  5. RUFORUM will contact the 139 applicants shortlisted to seek their consent for profiling their submissions under the Young African Entrepreneurs series.

Once again, we thank all the 756 applicants and congratulate the 139 applicants that have been shortlisted for Round two of the evaluation.

List of shortlisted Young Entrepreneurs submissions for the Second Level Evaluation

No Company Name Country
1.  AFAMAS Inc. South Sudan
2.  Agrichot Cameroon
4.  LANDFIRST (Pty) Ltd South Africa
5.  Mobile Agribiz DRC
6. !nnovate Uganda Uganda
7. “Cooperative Icyerekezo Kinigi” Rwanda
8. Ace Intergrated Services Kenya
9. Africa Harvest Enterprises (T) Limited Tanzania
10. African Agro Solutions (AAS) Cameroon
12. Agriculture Knowledge Information System (AKIS) Kenya
13. Agri-Future Microfinance Limited Company Malawi
14. Agriyouth ltd Rwanda
15. Aleph Tav/UNFIRE Nigeria
16. Amazing Grace Enterprise Ghana
17. Auto Enhance Outlet pty Ltd South Africa
19.  Bio Phyto  Benin
20. Bioengery for Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
21. BioFood Tech Enterprises Tanzania
22. Bio-gas waste to energy extracting technologies Nigeria
23. Biotech Researchers and Consultants Rwanda
24. Bounty  Enterprises   Limited Uganda
25. Brastorne Enterprises Botswana
27. Chemolex  company ltd Kenya
28. CHERSOLA Ventures, Inc. Liberia
29. Chonona Auquaculture Limited Malawi
30. CIBIO South Africa
31. Cici’s Mopani Worm Market (CMWM) South Africa
32. CockFeeds Uganda
33. ColdHubs Limited Nigeria
34. Diepsloot Kasi Hive South Africa
35.  Djiby Diagne  Sénégal
36. EcoAct Tanzania Tanzania
37.  ECO-ISOLANT  Burkina Faso
38. Eco-Sound Solutions Ltd Rwanda
39. Empire Agricultural Services (EAS). Uganda
40. Energy Gumps Uganda
41. Entreprise de Développement des Filières Agricoles (EDFA) Benin
42.  E-SOUKLOU  Ivory Coast
43.  Ets FAN COCO®  Benin
44.  Ets Save Our Agriculture  Cameroon
45. ExLIFE Enterprise Ghana
46.  Farafina Eco-Water. SARL  Burkina Faso
47. FarmDrive Limited Kenya
48. Fish Vacuum packaging Enterprise  – Lowosi Electronics and Energy Services Malawi
49. FlowCrester Innovation Nigeria
50. freshmarte.com Nigeria
51. Fruit Enterprise Uganda
52. Fruiti-Cycle Uganda
53.  FY VERT  Madagascar
54. G.G. Mechang Ventures Nigeria
56. Global Innovation And Creativity Space Cameroon
57. Golden Aroma Ltd” Rwanda
58. Good Grub Pronto South Africa
59. Green Afro-Palms (GAP) Ghana
60. Green Agri ventures Kenya
61. Green Cities Inc. Liberia
62. Green Heat Malawi Malawi
63. Greencoast Admiral Agro Advance Ltd Nigeria
64. Greenfarts Nigeria
66. HappyFarmer Zambia
67. Honey Suckers Congo DRC
68. Horti-Grid Afrika. Uganda
69. I FEED the WORLD Ltd (IFW) Rwanda
70. ICONIC Software Solutions (U) Ltd Uganda
71. Impact Agribusiness Incubator Malawi
72.  InnoFaso SA  Burkina Faso
73. Innovation Food & Agribusiness Development Consult (IFADC) Malawi
74. Institute of Animal Sciences (IAS) Zimbabwe
75. Integrated Fish Farming Project Benin
76. J-Palm Liberia Liberia
77. Kaza  Agro-Company  Ltd Uganda
78. Km natural juice enterprise Cameroon
79.  Koolfarmer  Mali
80.  Le CRIT (Le Centre de Recherches et de L’innovation Technologique)  Cameroon
81. Mabadiliko Ghana
82. Makerere University, Department of Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering Uganda
83. MAL Uganda
84. Maternitech Malawi
85. Mbeya Technopreneurship Development Centre Tanzania
86. Meyana BioEnergy Limited Nigeria
87.  Mi et compagnie  Madagascar
88. Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd Tanzania
89. Misrail Nig Ltd Nigeria
90. Mobile FEWS Nigeria
91. Modern Agri Inputs Supply and Consultancy  (MAISCO) Ltd Rwanda
92. MUWOGO Uganda Uganda
93. Naijapicks Nigeria
94.  NEW RICE SARL  Ivory Coast
95. NickDel Mobile Apps Nigeria
96. Notonlab Limited Kenya
97. Opportunity for All (OFA team) Kenya
98. Organic Avenue South Africa
99. Panafrican  Hydroponic fodder production P.L.C Ethiopia
101. Phalane Farms South Africa
102.  Projet Filière Bizazium de Kamituga  DRC
103. Raha Global Farms (Rgf), Nigeria
104. RASA ltd Uganda
105. Réseau des étudiants agri-entrepreneurs du Sud-Kivu (REAS)  DRC
106. Safi Organics Limited Kenya
107.  SahelBio-Production  Niger
108. Sarmalina Beverages International Limited Uganda
109.  Seedling Farming  Cameroon
110. Seven Seasons Foods Uganda
111. Severe Weather Consult Ltd Rwanda
112. Sharick Enterprices Malawi
113. Shift Organic Technologies Zimbabwe
114. Sirius Systems-Headlight dimming system Kenya
116. Small Farmers Agricultural Support Partners (Sfasp) Tanzania
117. Smart Agriculture Kenya
118. Smart Connect Zimbabwe
119.  Société Agribusiness Corporation Sarl  DRC
120.  Société Horticole et Avicole du Burundi « SOHABU »  Burundi
122. Stanop International Limited Nigeria
123. Stawi Foods and Fruits Kenya
124. Step Up Social Enterprise (SUSE). Kenya
125. SU Production Company Nigeria
126. TABYLAND PBC Zimbabwe
127. T-Farm Tanzania
128. The Poultry Studio Uganda
129.  TIC-AGRO Business Center  Benin
130. Tropical Apiary Ghana
131.  Trust Building Company « TBCO »  Burundi
132. Ubiquitous Farm Management Ethiopia
133. UDI Rwanda
134. Vermicompost Fertilizers Zimbabwe
135. VikapuBomba Tanzania
136.  Waste Recycling  DRC
137. WEKEBERE Uganda
138. YONER-LIBERIA Liberia
139. Zam Zam Tanzania

Click here to download full press release.

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For any inquiries please contact Dr. Egeru Anthony (a.egeru@ruforum.org) and Dr. Solange (s.uwituze@ruforum.org).

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