Ms. Rose Nangonzi born on 11th, November, 1992, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from Makerere University. She previously worked as a team leader (Research and Innovations) with BioCrops (U) Limited on tissue culture of cassava and banana germplasm.  She also received training on virus identification and indexing for sustainable production of sweet potato planting materials at KEPHIS, Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity station, Nairobi Kenya in 2015. Although she undertook a broad-based undergraduate program in Biotechnology, she is keenly interested in advancing her knowledge and career in the specific areas of molecular biology, plant tissue culture, and plant virus diagnostics.

She is currently volunteering with the National Crops Resources Research Institute Namulonge and at the same time, pursuing a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the College Of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources & Biosecurity funded by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). This funding is provided through the RUFORUM Graduate Research Grant (GRG) being implemented by Dr. Grace Nakabonge of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University.

Rose’s research focuses on “Optimization of Thermotherapy and Meristem Tip Culture Techniques for efficient elimination of Cassava Mosaic Viruses and Cassava Brown Streak Viruses.” The study will embark on production of Virus free planting materials and conservation of farmers preferred varieties which are currently affected by the two deadly diseases of cassava. Her outstanding ability to work with minimum supervision is unmatched with her peers, being able to set priorities right amidst colossal workloads. She can be reached by email on, or phone +256702932597.

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