Dates: November 29-December 02, 2016.


Agriculture remains a key pillar in economies of many Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries. Despite many efforts to improve agricultural productivity and food security systems, several SSA countries continue to grapple with the twin challenges of poverty and food/nutrition insecurity. Majority of rural population live below the poverty line and face declining crop and livestock productivity.

Although great milestones have been witnessed in the world since the first green revolution, most small holder farmers especially in SSA are still trapped in subsistence farming with limited commercialization and slow rates of technology diffusion. Their agricultural production systems are still characterized by poor and declining/stagnated yields, high susceptibility to pests and diseases. Read more

One Comment on “International Conference on Enhancing Sustainable Agricultural Production and Marketing Systems through Science, Technology and Innovation

  1. Hi RUFORUM kindly would love to attend the conference… I am a community development and social work student who has been volunteering in communities since 2010. Awareness Creation, Facilitation and Mobilization in the community fits me. I feel Agriculture is a pressing issues all over the world and I would love to attend the conference so that I can be well enlightened how to give messages that bring change to farmers and also the stake holders in agriculture


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