Dates: 23-28 October, 2016

AWARD“The leaders in the research systems and Faculties/Colleges of Agriculture are trained as scientists and are usually appointed into positions of leadership on the basis of their seniority. They however get into such positions of leadership without adequate re-orientation and preparation for the leadership tasks. While there is a belief that
leaders are borne not made, leadership without understanding of some basic principles and practices is merely a gamble.”
ASARECA (2012) Human Resource Capacity Needs Assessment of the Less Competitive National Agricultural Research Systems in the ASARECA Region.
There is a need to increase the supply of quality Agricultural Research and Development (ARD) researchers and leaders, and to nourish a supportive environment for gender-responsive ARD. Recognizing this need, AWARD has designed this leadership course targeting women and men leaders in ARD. Click here to download the full call.

2 Comments on “Apply Now: AWARD Leadership Program for Agricultural Research and Development (LEPARD)

  1. Apologies if I missed it, but it doesn’t say here or on the PDF document where the course is taking place. Can you help?


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