EgertonThe Homa Bay government has partnered with Egerton University to rehabilitate arid land in the county.

Sisal, acacia, grass and livestock will be grown commercially on the land.

The products will generate up to Sh300 million for the county annually and create jobs for residents.

The project is part of the university’s mission to rehabilitate arid and semi-arid land for sustainable economic use.

On Friday, Governor Cyprian Awiti announced the county has set aside 1,000 acres for the project at God-Mwanda area in West Karachuonyo.

Outgoing vice chancellor James Tuitoek said an MoU has been signed and scientists at the university are planning to roll out the project.

“We are committed to this project and my successor will pick up from where I have left. We are aggressively sourcing for external funding to execute the project,” he said.

A report by the university states the cortex of the sisal grown on the land is a key ingredient for dairy meal and biogas production.

The MoU states that a forest will be established at the project site and will yield 16 commercial products including fibre, poles, animal feed, water, medicine, fish, meat, milk, leather, eggs, honey, wax, compost and gum.

Deputy Governor Hamilton Orata said: “We are taking this project very seriously. We have met our part of the bargain.

“We want the project implemented with speed because we have given out land and our people want to see results.”

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