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This discussion aims to explore how to integrate nutrition into the training of agricultural workers, what components to include and what results to expect in terms of improving nutrition. To stimulate a debate on this important topic, the facilitator Mebit Kebete Tariku proposes to reflect on the following questions:

  • What’s the role of agricultural colleges and higher education in promoting nutrition sensitive agriculture?
  • What does “integrating nutrition into the curriculum” mean?
  • What are the essential competencies of “nutrition” to include in the training of agricultural workers?
  • How do we expect graduates to use the new knowledge and skills in their daily work?
  • What can agricultural workers do to promote food and dietary diversification and better nutrition outcomes?
  • Do you have experiences of integrating nutrition in to the curricula of agricultural higher institutions?

Participants are sharing direct experience as well as views on the matters raised, which you can read on the discussion webpage, including the French and Spanish versions.

How to participate
Send your contribution to or post it on the FSN Forum website

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