Date: Thursday 12th November, 2015


To celebrate African Universities Day, SciDev.Net will be on Twitter today (Thursday 12th November) for a chat about the big challenges facing African universities and students in the twenty-first century. The main focus will be the brain drain:

  • Is the emigration of African students to universities around the world as great a threat as some people say?
  • What about the idea of ‘brain circulation’? Is this going unnoticed in brain drain debates?
  • What more can African universities do to fully engage the diaspora in strengthening  capacity on the continent?

SciDev will be holding the conversation between 11am and 1pm GMT and would love you to  join in. Tweet your thoughts and questions using #braindrain, and join to debate this compelling and controversial topic.

SciDev.Net is running a series on their website exploring issues surrounding  how academic research capacity in Africa can be transformed entitled “Africa’s PhD Renaissance”

Here are a few relevant pieces on our website:

RUFORUM encourages her member universities to join in this debate as we discuss issues of brain drain facing Africa Universities.

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