Dialogue on STISA 2024: African Ministers meet in Malawi

Written by Patricia Nkhoma (Communications and Social Media Reporter, LUANAR)

Above: African Ministers signing the Communique during the meeting
Above: African Ministers signing the Communique during the meeting

Higher Education, Science and Technology Ministers and Senior Government met in Lilongwe Malawi from last month to discuss the recent approved Science, Technology, and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA 2024).

Speaking during the opening of the first day of the meeting, Chief Director in the Ministry of Education Ambassador Charles Msosa was pleased that the government of Malawi accepted to host such an important meeting as the country aims at promoting higher education in the country. In his remarks, he said as a Champion for Higher Education in Africa, the Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is committed to promote higher education in the country as well as the entire Africa.

At the meeting, the RUFORUM Executive Secretary, Professor Adipala Ekwamu, thanked the Malawi government for hosting the meeting as well as officiating the opening ceremony. “As a network of African Universities, we greatly appreciate and applaud the leadership role President Mutharika is undertaking to champion the cause of Higher Education Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa,” said Professor Ekwamu.

The two day event was convened to discuss mechanisms to strengthen higher education, science, technology and innovation in Africa as a means of ensuring achievement of the recently approved agenda 2030- the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We hope that through this meeting and others to follow, we shall consolidate recent developments by strengthening high level partnerships and policy support for re-engineering African higher education, science and technological innovation in Africa, particularly in the area of agriculture science,” said Professor Ekwamu.

Presenting at the meeting, Dr Moses Osiru, the RUFORUM Deputy Executive Secretary, among others called for an increased research outputs through partnerships and regional collaborations, and facilitate universities to emerge as knowledge centers of excellence as well as improve equitable access to higher education across socio-economic quintiles and across gender.

He further emphasised on the need to strengthen the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICTs) for enhanced access and quality of higher education in Africa and the need for increased (and) long-term funding to the higher education sector, as a key driver of development including mobilisation of African philanthropists and private sector

In September, RUFORUM organised a planning workshop for developing and implementation plan for priority area 1 of STISA 2024 which was also held in Malawi.

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