RUFORUM Celebrates Outstanding Champions: The IMPRESSA Awards

IMPRESSA 2015/2016
Above: Overall award winner for IMPRESSA 2015/2016, Professor Olive Mwihaki Mugenda, receives her award from Professor Levi Nyagura

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the outstanding champions for Agricultural Transformation in Africa. The 2015/2016 awards winners were presented and honoured during the closing ceremony of the RUFORUM’s 11th Annual General Meeting held in Windhoek, Namibia, 27-29 August 2015.

Once every two years since 2009; following a decision made by the RUFORUM board of Trustees, RUFORUM recognizes professionals in African Universities who are dedicated to strengthening higher education in Africa, in terms of university leadership and management, teaching and carrying out research focused on improving rural livelihoods in Africa.

At this meeting, RUFORUM handed out a total of eight awards in three categories namely (3) Impact Research and Science in Sub-Saharan Africa (IMPRESSA), (2) Recognition awards for contribution in the field of Higher Education, (1) Outstanding emerging researcher, and (2) Outstanding model Farmers. These champions have made a contribution towards strengthening the agricultural sector through exemplary leadership, management, teaching, quality problem-solving research, and innovations to improve the rural livelihoods in Africa. Click here to download the full press release.

Citations are available here

  1. Recognition Award for Prof. Olive Mugenda-IMPRESSA
  2. Recognition Award for Linus Opara-IMPRESSA
  3. Recognition Award for Prof. Agnes Mwang’ombe-IMPRESSA
  4. Recognizing Award for Prof. Kay Leresche-Muir
  5. Recognition Award for Ms. Judith Francis
  6. Emerging Scientists Awards
  7. Outstanding Researcher Award

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