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EARTH is an international university dedicated to training leaders for sustainable agriculture and rational use of natural resources.  EARTH university program emphasizes a systems approach to agriculture and natural resource management and we focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and spirit in our graduates as well as a strong environmental and social commitment. For more information please visit:

The application window for year 2016 officially opened last week (1st August 2015). Applications will be received until the deadline of Monday 30th November 2015.

EARTH university is interested in students who have vocation in agriculture, commitment to work with their communities, and have good grades in science subjects and mathematics at secondary school.

Application requirements:

  1. Fill the application form in its entirety and sign together with a witness.
  2. Attach one (1) current passport size photograph (directly attach to application form).
  3. Attach copies of your Junior and senior high school certificate(s) and transcripts as officially recognized and issued by the examining body in your country.  Also enclose transcripts from any colleges/institutions you may have attended. **
  4. Enclose three (3) recommendation letter in the official EARTH format.
  5. Optional: Attach additional certificates or recognitions that you may consider as support for your quest for admission to EARTH University.

**Please note that candidates who will sit of end of high school examinations this year will be allowed to submit high school result slips after these are released by the examining body of their country.

For example: A candidate who is due to sit for final high school exams this November can apply before the deadline and attach  all advance scores, certificates and result slips. We will allow them to attach a final high school result slip before admissions decisions of May next year. Candidates who sat for high school exams the previous years will be expected to complete all application requirements.

For more information regarding the application process for Africa, please refer to the university admissions guide for Africa and a cover letter. You may help candidates to submit their application documents by scanning in PDF format and attaching them to our e-mail address:

They may opt to apply online at In case they choose to apply online, they should not send documents as attachments by e-mail. The application tool is designed to directly enable them attach PDF documents to their application.

The application documents are required in PDF format because our data system only accepts them in this format. Submitting them in a correct format makes our work more efficient because we do not have to convert your JPG, Word or other format documents to PDF before we register your application of our data system.

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