African Women in Science and Engineering, in conjunction with International Women Engineers and Scientists(INWES) will host the 2015 INWES Regional Conference in Entebbe, Uganda on 21 – 13 October 2015. The theme of the Conference is ‘Women in Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Economic and Social Development‘.

The conference aims to provide a forum of engagement for women in STEM Careers within the region to discuss topics of common interest while creating and strengthening support networks. The conference seeks to enhance already existing strategies to encourage retention of professionals in STEM Careers while at the same time, cultivating interest in STEM by female students at all levels. Further, the conference also seeks to energize those willing to set up their own STEM associations in order to ensure continued increase of women in STEM careers. It will also provide a networking opportunity for Women in STEM and promote the participation of African Women in STEM in the economic and social development of the continent.

The conference will include leadership training workshop for women in STEM. This is intended to impart leadership skills that will empower them to excel not only in research but also in leadership and management. This is part of AWSE’s contribution to the continuous professional development of women to ensure an existing pool of talented female leaders and achievers who can confidently take leadership positions when they arise. A session on Mentoring and coaching will also be included.

Objectives of the conference will be:
· To discuss the role of innovation in sustainable development.
· To empower women scientists with innovation-to-market skills, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.
· To celebrate the successes of African women in STEM and discuss the challenges facing them
· To devise strategies for disseminating research findings of women in STEM
· To promote STEM networks and multi-disciplinary partnerships.

Click here to download the second Call for papers.

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