How to become an AgShare champion

Some of the AgShare Project Partners during a brainstorming meeting in kampala, Uganda
Some of the AgShare Project Partners during a brainstorming meeting in Kampala, Uganda

AgShare model provides strategies for a logical institutional approach to teaching, research and community development. AgShare focuses on research-based approach for the co-creation and publication of agricultural knowledge within and across stakeholder groups. Multiple-media Open Educational Resources (OER) have been produced, shared, modified, and made freely available through learning networks.

Six Reasons why the AgShare method is important

  1. The Method has transformed the way in which academics now conceptualize their role as teachers and researchers
  2. Created relevant and effective student learning in the coursework component of the master’s degree
  3. Enabled students to engage with local issues versus abstract theory
  4. Increased students’ capacity to conduct meaningful, high quality independent research
  5. Improved farmers’ practices that lead to improved quality and productivity
  6. Produced free, openly-licensed educational resources for customization and re-use that improve the quality of teaching through relevant case studies.

How you can become an AgShare Champion

  1. Internalize the concepts of theAgShare methods
    1. Students work closely with their faculty supervisors and carry out field-based research into farmers’ practices and needs. Research involves relevant community-wide partners within respective value chains.
    2. Students, faculty and staff participate in capacity-building workshops in research, OER and media production skills.
    3. Students’ work is published in three ways: as OER multimedia learning packages for incorporation into degree programs; as information for farmers that is used for follow-up visits and extension materials; as research in master’s thesis and undergraduate student research.
    4. The OER are published in appropriately leading to recognition for scholarship, teaching, research and extension.
  2. Use appropriate opportunities to share and disseminate the AgShare Methodology
  3. Support your university to create an enabling environment for the adoption of AgShare Methods

Which institutions have been involved in Agshare

The Agshare initiative has generously been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Agshare I (2009-2012) was the pilot project and AgShare II builds upon its success by providing a network to scale up the methodology. The institutions that have been involved include Haramaya University, Mekelle University, Makerere University, Moi University, United States International University, Michigan State University, the South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE), Open Educational Resources Africa and RUFORUM. Now we want to spread the Agshare Methods to all the RUFORUM member universities and beyond

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