In March 2015, Securing Water for Food announced its third call for innovations. This $12.5 million call for proposals focuses on identifying market-driven, low-cost, and scalable solutions that will enable us to improve water efficiency and waste water reuse; enhance water capture and storage; and reduce the impacts of salinity on aquifers and food production.

The third call has an increased focus on cutting-edge, advanced technologies and business models, as well as those that prioritize the engagement of women. Up to an additional $2.5 million is expected to be available for innovations implemented in the MENA region as part of USAID’s new Middle East Water Security Initiative. The focus of the Challenge is to support game-changing innovations at two stages, both of which must be post-pilot and present viable business models:

  • Stage 1: Market-driven product in the process of business development
  • Stage 2: Established innovations ready for scaling and commercial growth

The third call for proposals will close on May 22, 2015 at 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced in October 2015. Up to 30 innovators are expected to receive between $100,000 and $3 million in funding and acceleration support.

Review the Request for Applications for the third call for proposals here.

Questions and answers for Securing Water for Food’s third call for applications have been posted! View them here


Read more about the call by clicking here http://www.securingwaterforfood.org/round-3-call-3

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