Andrea Johnson, Programme Officer at the Carnegie Cooperation of New York Foundation (CCNY)

Andrea Johnson, a Programme Officer at the Carnegie Cooperation of New York Foundation (CCNY) visited the RUFORUM Secretariat in Kampala on 1st April, 2015. Her visit was part of the continued collaboration between the two organizations, established since October 2012 through a joint project entitled Training World–Class Agricultural Scientists in Africa. This project aims to provide internationally competitive doctoral programs within Africa

During the visit, RUFORUM provided progress on this project. One of the most important outcomes of the project has been stronger collaboration in research and training programmes between East African and West African universities through its staff exchanges. As a result of this strong cross-regional collaboration, RUFORUM member universities are currently championing three intra-ACP academic mobility projects funded by the European Commission. The academic mobility projects will train a total of 192 PhD and MSc students. In addition, there will be at least 30 staff exchange visits within Africa.

RUFORUM also reiterated its commitment and provided a road map for implementing the outcomes of the side event on “Escalating the Production of PhDs in the Agricultural and Life Sciences held during the 4th RUFORUM Biennial Conference in Maputo. This side event, that was sponsored by CCNY, made recommendations to assist stakeholders in Higher Education in Agriculture to address the constraints hindering production of quality PhDs in Africa.

RUFORUM is grateful to CCNY for their partnership in building the required capacities in its member universities as well as promoting regional integration and networking. Over the years, RUFORUM has strived to cement its partnership with various development partners to ensure that there is substantial attention towards building required skills in Africa’s universities and National Agricultural Research Institutions.

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