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In the mid ‘90’s, Rockefeller Foundation helped selected FORUM university faculties and departments create special computer labs and networks, equipped with CD-ROM, in order to access bibliographic and abstracting databases in the agricultural sciences, particularly TEEAL, the full-text CD-ROM agricultural library of about 130 journals.  RUFORUM has continued to work with its network—organizing training workshops and subsidizing subscription costs.  Because these universities have recognized the importance of TEEAL, more than half of them are paying for their own subscriptions, now that RUFORUM is no longer covering the costs.

Information Training and Outreach Center for Africa (ITOCA) in collaboration with Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University would like to invite applications from eligible institutions for acquiring TEEAL sets.  A total of 132 sets will be awarded to institutions in six African countries (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda). The five highlighted countries are RUFORUM countries of operation and we encourage our member universities to apply.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. The institution is located in one of the following countries:
    • Burkina Faso,
    • Ethiopia,
    • Ghana,
    • Nigeria,
    • Tanzania or
    • Uganda
  2. The Institution has an Agriculture or related fields department or specialises in Agriculture and related fields.
  3. The Institution does not have a TEEAL set OR
  4. The Institution would like to upgrade their existing TEEAL set

Eligible institutions who would like to acquire a TEEAL set for their library should complete the application form on page 2 and submit for consideration. All applications will be assessed by a panel with members from ITOCA, South Africa and Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University.

All applications should be submitted by 30 June, 2015. Only fully completed application forms will be considered. The outcomes of applications will be announced by 30 July, 2015. TEEAL_INSTITUTIONAL_Grants_2015_application_form.

General enquiries can be addressed to:
Subject: TEEAL Institutional Grants
+ 27126634062/52

One Comment on “132 Sets to be Awarded: TEEAL Institutional Grants 2015 Now Open

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sending me important information about research environmental; impact asssessmnet in the dry land of Ethiopia yrs Egfida Behonegn Akalu


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