Meet the Social Media team trained for #RUFORUM10



Capacity building is at the heart of what RUFORUM does. For the last two days, RUFORUM with the help of 2 consultants: Maureen Agena, Ruth Aine Tindyebwa and Apio Joan [RUFORUM Communications Officer] has been training youth in agriculture in different social media aspects. They constitute the social media team that will take part in the 10 years celebrations of RUFORUM and the Biennial conference that starts in Maputo, Mozambique today.
J.NnamJacqueline Nnam, is from Uganda. She is an information, communication and knowledge management practitioner. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Agricultural Information and Communication Management at the University of Nairobi. She is passionate about the application of information to achieve development objectives in Africa, especially in the fields of agriculture and sustainable development. “I am a strong believer in home-grown solutions for development and the integration of indigenous knowledge and practices with modern science”, she says.

IMG_060514_154003-1Cacilda Francisco Sitoe is from Maputo, Mozambique. She is a is a 2nd year journalism student at Eduardo Mondlane University works as a journalist at CAPIEC (Ciber Associação Para Interação entre estudantes de Comunicação)         “I am passionate in journalism because this profession is very important to the social, economic and political development”.




VictoriaVictoria Mbigidde is from Kampala, Uganda. She is a Development studies graduate from Mbarara University of Science and Technology and a Masters degree in Agricultural Information and Communication Management from Egerton University, Kenya. She is currently employed as a Knowledge Management Specialist with the National Agricultural Research Organization based in Entebbe,Uganda. “I am passionate about Social Media, communication, Agriculture, Research and Development”, she says.



13 - 1Catherine Bridget Mloza Banda is from Malawi. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Crop Science) obtained from the now Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) Bunda College Campus. She will be graduating with Master of Science in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension from the same. ” I work with Farm Radio Malawi as an Agricultural Value Chain Officer. My interests are writing, reading and travelling.” She says



Armwell Shumba is from Zimbabwe. He is an Agricultural Scientist (Soil Scientist by profession) and consultant in Crop Nutrition and Integrated Soil Fertility and Water Management (ISFWM). He is a passionate about Social Media. He currently works as a Senior Research Officer and Head of Crop Nutrition Section within Chemistry and Soil Research Institute at Harare Research Station, Zimbabwe.



Pauline Atim is from Kampala, Uganda. She is a graduate of Mass Communications from Uganda Christian University. She worked as a Communications Officer at Tetea Uganda, before leaving to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, South Africa. “I am passionate about Journalism for development especially with the emerging Social Media tools.”




Picture_zenonZenon Niyomwungere is from Burundi. He is a Master student in Agricultural Economics at Eduardo Mondlane University based in Maputo. He is a scholarship recipient from INTRA-ACP MOBILITY.” I am interested to go back Burundi after finishing my studies for contributing in improvement of agricultural sector in my country” he says.



Berta Antonio Carmona Madime is from Mozambique. She is a second year journalism student at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane(UEM) . “I love journalism because with it I can know about anything I want and can have access to special people.” She too works with CAPIEC.
Rogério Benedito Marques Junior, is from Mozambique. He is a Student of journalism and a Correspondent to the website: He is a broadcaster of a youth program on Mozambique Radio.





2013-12-07 08.12.26-1-1Natalia Inacia Jaime Alifoi is from Mozambique. She is 20 years old, She  is studying  journalism in Eduardo Mondlane University. Her interests are travel, writing and photography.





MoriVanila Carlos Amadeu is from Mozambique. She is a journalism student at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo and also an Office Assistant at Mozambique Television. Her interests range from documentaries to  investigative stories. “My desire is to increase my Journalism knowledge by exchanging experiences with professionals in the area, so that I can execute my duties professionally.”




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