Three RUFORUM Secretariat staff members (Nodumo Dhlamini, Joan Apio and Rebecca Mwima) traveled to Haramaya University in Eastern Ethiopia to conduct Web 2.0 Training for 27 female post-graduate students. The training has been supported by both RUFORUM and CTA.

In 2012 RUFORUM awarded Haramaya University in Ethiopia a grant to support female post-graduate students in a number of areas. The grant is being implemented by the Gender Directorate at Haramaya led by Dr Emebet Belete Negatu and Dr Jemal Yousuf. The activities of this project include providing E-resources and E-tools training for Research Management for female postgraduate students. This includes training in web 2.0 tools for research and development.The activity is in line with RUFORUM’s vision which focuses on “High performing African universities that produce skilled, proactive graduates, demand driven research outputs and innovation in response to local, regional and national agricultural development priorities”

RUFORUM has been working with CTA and COL (Commonwealth of Learning) since September 2008 to implement Web 2.0 Tools for Research Support and Networking training within its network.

Please read more about the event from:

  1. Web 2 for Development Gateway
  2. Web2forDev Face Book Group

18 Comments on “Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity at Haramaya University 25 February-1st March 2013

  1. first say to thanks for web 2 coordinate to facilitate or prepare this type of training .finally i will comment about the training from this training i get more information about web 2 tools


  2. I am very happy with training and I would like to say thank you Nodumo Dhlamini, Joan Apio and Rebecca Mwima for giving us the constructive gidunce and comments and additionally I wuoid like to say thank you Dr Emebet Belete Negatu and Dr Jemal Yousuf. for their implementation and helping us to gain such kind of training.I would like to suggest that it is better if we get chance such kind of training and the softwares which are related our research


  3. As ICT is one of the technologies that play the best role for development in country for different ways this web2.0 training able as to get more knowledge for how to apply different applications and i would like to have apart if there will be another opportunity like this. However let us keep in touch.


  4. the web 2.0 for development training I have shared with the trainer was nice, I appriciate your patiency for our learning opportunities, you are so smart i like your unreserved active follow up for every of us during the training session I really appreciate you, May God bless you guys. Thank you for giving me a chance to give comment


  5. I am so glad to be participant of this training. The web2 training was very interesting. I have learned a lot from the training that how the web2 tools and applications are use full for our daily communication and for our research work. It eases our communication, enables us to get as many information as possible. So, it would be nice if such trainings are offered to other post graduate female students. For those who have the opportunity to participate in this training, it will be important to get updated with what ever new technology is available in the future.


  6. The training was gave me a chance to use many options for communication and accessing different information, I would like to thank the donors,organizers and trainers


  7. I am very chancelful to get this web 2.0 training opportunity at this time, b/c i am know conducting my msc research thesis it is very important for sharing information in every aspects of my work and i learnt more how to get updated information in all aspects.


  8. This training was very interesting in that i have got many things from it even those applications that I never know their name too before. So am very glad being one of a trainee. Finally I Would like to thank The RUFORUM Secretariat staff members (Nodumo Dhlamini, Joan Apio and Rebecca Mwima) who conduct Web 2.0 Training & Haramaya University Gender Directorate.


  9. i am very happy from these training and i would like to say thank you all those rasie these good idea , also thank

    Three RUFORUM Secretariat staff members. .


  10. The training is very useful to us because we have been working our research in different fields of specializations we need to have knowledge about how to use different on line information which can support us regarding our research areas in addition to this the training help us how can we collect data using on line service which reduce cost and time to get that information.

    in general in my view the training is very important in different angles.
    our trainer also are very good in communication as well as in teaching methodology they are kind and friendly
    thank you so much


  11. Really it is a good training that enabled us to have some information on different web. I would like to thank you as well as others who facilitated this training.


  12. The training was interesting and I have grasp some knowledge and I have making my self with different web tools.But,I think it is better to be prepared by our professionals because there was misunderstanding between the trainer and trainee.also reading materials were not available and such things make me not to follow them because most of the training part are new for me.


  13. Thank you for the interesting 5 days workshop. It helped me have new ideas, knowledge,application and practice on web 2 tools to support my learning.

    I are looking forward more of such trainings.


  14. I found the training is interesting and important for post graduate student in Ethiopia. I wish it would continue for the second time for others who is not get chance. I am happy to get the chance to be trained and utilize the recent web tools and application for my research and publication. Thanks


  15. The training was really very important which gives a good insight about Web 2.0. I appreciate the trainers, gender office and collaborators who organized this training for postgraduate female students. I hope the gender office and collaborators will continue their effort in undertaking similar trainings in the future. There are a lot of things that we need to know. Thanks a lot!


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