BRIDGIN Foundation Offers USD 6.8 Billion Grant to the Government of Malawi

Monday, 28th November 2022 - In 2019, the BRIDGIN foundation attended the RUFORUM Annual General Meeting in Ghana which strengthened the partnership between RUFORUM and the Foundation that has led to the signing of a game-changing $6.8 billion (about K7 trillion) grant between the Malawi Government and BRIDGIN Foundation of Belgium to implement the seven... Continue Reading →

[RUFORUM AGM 2022] Pre-event Bringing our soils back: enhancing soil health and fragile ecosystem management in the Middle East and Africa

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) has been supporting human capital development in soil science and related fields through regional training programmes and research grants. In the same vein, RUFORUM is participating in the development of an African Union Commission conceived Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA) spearheaded by the Forum for... Continue Reading →

Climate action is a key HE mandate and in need of funding

As the Sharm el-Sheikh climate summit, COP27, unfolds, the higher education community are grasping the opportunity to put some of their demands on the conference table in Egypt, including calls to strengthen educational and research capacities of universities and research centres to tackle the impact of climate change. Dr Jackline Nyerere, a senior lecturer of... Continue Reading →

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